Friday, June 12, 2009

Customer Service through Twitter

Last Wednesday, I was working at home using a trial version of CodeBaby (great piece of software!). However, when I went to export my project, I got a series of errors and the files it produced were not usable, the image and sound were all garbled. So I went on line to check the website to see if there was a solution.

Now, earlier in the day, I had twittered about using CodeBaby and went I went back online, someone named Patrick had twittered me back, asking what kind of project I was working on. I responded an introduction for a conference, but that I was having some export issues. Patrick responded that they would be glad to help me, and suggested that I contact, via Twitter, Amanda in Customer Service.

So I contacted Amanda and sent her a screen capture of what I was seeing.
As she was looking for a solution, Patrick twitter me back and asked if I was using a purchased or trial version and noted that I had spoken with Doug, one the VPs and asked if I would like Doug to give me a call. Twenty minutes later, I was speaking with Doug, and five minutes after that I was speaking with Joe, another one of the Customer Service Reps. Joe helped me trouble shoot the problem and we figured out what was causing my exports to fail.

What I did not realize until somewhere in the middle, was that Charles was the CEO of the CodeBaby!

Further more even though, I was only using a Trial version, he and the rest of the company was willing to assist me. Working at Service Canada and being one of the Learning Consultants for our Service Excellence Program, I find I am now much more attuned to Good Customer Service, and this was definitely for me a good experience. And to think I did most of my initial interactions using Twitter.