Friday, October 23, 2009

Starting out in Flash and Google Wave

Over the past two weeks I have finally gotten my Flash training and received my Google Wave invites, two new tools in two weeks.... I like it.

Flash training..... a big aha moment on Day 1. I really did not understand the timeline, or how the frames worked before. But now I do! And I already have my first project to develop in Flash. It will be essentially a slideshow, but with some audio and animation worked in. Probably a good starting point for me. I believe that my next project is going to be updating and expanding an existing Flash-based course, and that may be more problematic. I am not sure my Flash knowledge is that great yet, but as a friend of mine says, "Fake it until you make it!"

I also thought I would but out a Public Wave in Google Wave, looking for some good Flash resources, and I have made three new contacts as a result. 1 in Australia and 2 in the UK. I have not had a chance to use Wave much, mostly because my contact list is depressingly small. But I think this will be a great tool as time goes on and the population using grows.


  1. I red your "new rules" and encluded you in my PLENK PLE . As a technical newbie I need help. Where and how did you learn flash?

  2. I actaully took an inclass course offered by a local tech company, as I felt I did not have the time to self-teach myself, which is how I usually learn new programs. Not that I use it a lot. When i do have to use it and am stuck, i usually end up Googling the problem or calling a colleague.

    I hope that I am following my new rules...

  3. Paul, thank you very much. Your opinion is very valuable to me. In my PLENK aggregation blog I listed you in the category "Blogs to go".Your concept map I collected in "Think Image" and I will use it in an open forum in my institut about LMS vs PLE very soon.
    Again many thanks Eva