Monday, January 17, 2011

CCK11 - My Second MOOC

This week is the start of CCK11 (Connectivism and Connective Knowledge 2011) and I am looking forward to participating in it.  I took part in PLENK2010, but found my involvement dwindled at towards the second half of the course for a variety of reasons.  I think part the problem was time, but it also my first foray back into something academic in almost 10 years, which I don't think I was quite prepared for.  I am eager to get involved in CCK11 though, I have a couple of colleagues who are also joining me on this adventure, which will help my participation as well as my learning, and I think I am much more prepared for this course than I was the last time.   I will continue to take notes in google docs and make them available for all, and of course to ppost here in this blog.  I may even try something new like a video or somethng this time around.

If you interested in the course, check out the site here:

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